At Nova Automotive we are conscious of the concerns and questions that you may have in your day to day or after a car accident, here we show you some of the most common questions! If you have any other doubt, do no hesitate to contact us!

First protect yourself by always contacting the police, then contact your insurance carrier; in case of being in a hard collision, visit your primary care doctor following by booking an appointment or submit your estimate request with our Nova Automotive Staff. We understand the situation and procedures well. We will be able to handle your vehicle for you, while you take care of you, who matters the most.

You can contact us to assist you with towing your vehicle from the scene of the accident or home. All we need is a claim number and your general information.

Let us deal with the hustle.

See for expert professionals’ assistance; sometimes trying to repair could end up more costly. Come visit our professional staff at Nova Automotive Center.

Unfortunately, the simple repairs could end up being more work for the professional performing, the repair of the adjacent panel could be compromise unnecessarily. Please contact us for tips and assistance with this issue.

Malfunction lights come to alert you of improper functioning of your ‘Restrain System’. This could cause operational failure if involved in an accident. Come see us; your safety matters.